The Ultimate List: Top 10 Best Hollywood Web Series of All Time to Binge-Watch

Over the past few years, the popularity of web series has exploded, and Hollywood has been at the forefront of this trend. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose what to watch. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best Hollywood web series of all time.

No1. Breaking Bad – This critically acclaimed show tells the story of a high school chemistry teacher who turns to making and selling methamphetamine after being diagnosed with cancer. With unforgettable characters, intricate plot twists, and stunning performances from Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad is a must-watch.

No2. Stranger Things – Set in the 1980s, this sci-fi horror series follows a group of friends as they uncover supernatural mysteries in their small town. With an exceptional young cast, clever writing, and a nostalgic soundtrack, Stranger Things is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good mystery.

No3. Game of Thrones – Based on the book series by George R.R. Martin, this epic fantasy series is set in the mythical land of Westeros, where noble families fight for control of the Iron Throne. With breathtaking production value, intense battles, and shocking plot twists, Game of Thrones is a must-watch for fans of the genre.

No4. The Handmaid’s Tale – Set in a dystopian future where women’s rights have been stripped away, this series follows the story of a woman who becomes a “handmaid” – a surrogate for a wealthy couple. With powerful performances from Elizabeth Moss and a haunting, thought-provoking story, The Handmaid’s Tale is a must-watch.

No5. The Crown – This historical drama follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II from her early days as a newlywed to the present day. With impeccable attention to detail and outstanding performances from a talented cast, The Crown is a must-watch for fans of period pieces.

No6. Orange is the New Black – Set in a women’s prison, this series follows the story of Piper Chapman, a privileged woman who is sentenced to 15 months behind bars. With a diverse cast, sharp writing, and a mix of humor and heart, Orange is the New Black is a must-watch.

No7. Black Mirror – This anthology series explores the darker side of technology and how it affects our lives. With thought-provoking, often disturbing stories, Black Mirror is a must-watch for anyone who loves sci-fi and social commentary.

No8. Narcos – Based on the true story of the rise and fall of the Medellin drug cartel, this series follows the story of drug lord Pablo Escobar and the DEA agents who worked to take him down. With stunning performances from Wagner Moura and Pedro Pascal, Narcos is a must-watch for fans of crime dramas.

No9. House of Cards – This political drama follows the story of Frank Underwood, a ruthless congressman who will stop at nothing to gain power in Washington D.C. With an outstanding performance from Kevin Spacey and a gripping story, House of Cards is a must-watch for anyone who loves political intrigue.

No10. Westworld – Set in a futuristic theme park where guests can live out their wildest fantasies, this series explores the nature of consciousness and what it means to be human. With stunning visuals, an all-star cast, and mind-bending plot twists, Westworld is a must-watch for fans of sci-fi and philosophy.

In conclusion, these are the top 10 best Hollywood web series of all time. Whether you’re a fan of drama, sci-fi, or crime, there’s something on this list for everyone. So grab some popcorn and get ready for some binge-watching!

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